Chakra 04 Heart Roses scented candle


Amen Chakra 04 Heart Roses scented candles are handcrafted in Grasse, France with 100% natural vegetable wax. The brand's high-end scented candles are recognized as the most iconic emerging brands in terms of purity, environmental protection and sustainability.

By partnering with top Yoga Meccas and Gurus around the world to create 7 fragrances for 7 chakras to help align our chakras for a balanced body, mind and soul: Chakra 04 Heart contains the power to awaken the Heart chakra, rose vibrates at 320 hz which is the highest frequency of all flowers, tuning us in a higher frequency of love.

Amen's candle is housed in a reusable porcelain vessel from Limoges, the French porcelain capital. The unique packaging is CO2 negative, biodegradable and made from a mycelium solution of mushrooms and agricultural waste.

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- Chakra 04 Heart Roses scented candle

- L 7.2 x W 7.2 x H 8.5 cm

- Weight 200g [7oz]

- Housed in a reusable porcelain vessel crafted in Limoges

- Reforested wood cover lid

- CO2 negative mushrooms packaging

- 100% natural vegetal wax

- Notes: roses

- Recommended to burn for more than 1-2 hours per use

- Burn time approximately 50 hours

- Designed and handcrafted in France