Amen Picasso Naranja Canela scented candle


Amen Picasso Naranja Canela scented candle is one of new collection of candles for PICASSO MUSEUM PARIS in collaboration with Diana W. Picasso, Curator of the exhibition «MAYA RUIZ-PICASSO: DAUGHTER OF PABLO». The scented candles were selected by AMEN designer Rodrigo Garcia and the Exhibition Curator Diana Picasso combining paintings with feelings and memories from the artist’s granddaughter.

The connection between scent and painting followed the expertise of Diana as Curator of innumerable Picasso exhibitions, to curate this time scent and paintings: “I felt strongly that the scent for Figure (1927) was Naranja y Canela, a Mediterranean summer in the south of France. To me it's been the most exhilarating experience to add sense to all these profoundly emotional works. I immediately responded to the beliefs behind Amen: to add soul to the scents and to cherish our Mother Earth.“ says Diana Picasso, Curator.

Amen's candle is housed in a reusable porcelain vessel from Limoges, the French porcelain capital. The unique packaging is CO2 negative, biodegradable and made from a mycelium solution of mushrooms and agricultural waste.

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- Amen Picasso Naranja Canela scented candle

Painting: Figure, 1927, Pablo Picasso

- L 7.2 x W 7.2 x H 8.5 cm

- Weight 200g [7oz]

- Housed in a reusable porcelain vessel crafted in Limoges

- Reforested wood cover lid

- CO2 negative mushrooms packaging

- 100% natural vegetal wax

- Notes: naranja y canela

- Recommended to burn for more than 1-2 hours per use

- Burn time approximately 50 hours

- Designed and handcrafted in France

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