PACHULI Exclusive Chloe Scented Candle


PACHULI Patchouli limited edition Chloe is a hand-painted Patchouli: Patchouli was born in the universe during an interstellar adventure. Each Patchouli originated from the explosion of a star, and they are all children of the stars. A lost civilization located in the Milky Way, a planet of life forms that has not yet been detected by the earth, traveled through time and space, landed on this blue planet with their aircraft.

The limited-edition Chloe Patchouli scented candle has the aroma of fig. PACHULI is derived from natural fragrance, which makes a multi-dimensional magnetic field appear in the space. Each PACHULI is handmade by BeanAndBean with pure natural plant wax.

In stock (can be backordered)


– PACHULI Patchouli limited edition Chloe scented candle

- L 11 x W 8 x H 15 cm

- Weight 355g

- Pink

- 100% vegetable wax

- Hand-painted unique appearance

– Fragrance Notes: Fig

- Can be used as a decorative diffuser

- Carrying a carrot in hand and comes with 2 candle wicks

- Burn for more than 1 hour when used for the first time

- Burn time approximately 7 hours

- Designed in Vancouver handmade in China