Corn PACHULI scented candle


Corn PACHULI is the elves of Pachuli Fruit and Vegetable Park: Entering the Pachuli Fruit and Vegetable Park on a sunny winter day, the nutritious Pachuli Fruit and Vegetable elves are waiting for you. Close your eyes and sniff the delicious scent of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are naturally sweet and fragrant. Follow the footsteps of Pachuli eves and feel the journey of "healing" brought by the original fragrance of fruits and vegetables.

Corn PACHULI scented candle has the aroma of lemon and basil. Under the golden appearance is a lovely soft waxy looking around. Pachuli is playing hide-and-seek with you in the golden cornfield. PACHULI is derived from natural scents, allowing multi-dimensional magnetic fields to appear in space. Each PACHULI is handmade by BeanAndBean with pure natural vegetable wax.

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- Corn PACHULI scented candle

- L 11 x W 8 x H 15 cm

- Weight 355g

- Tan

- 100% vegetable wax

- Notes: lemon and basil

- Can be used as a decorative diffuser

- Carrying a carrot in hand and comes with 2 candle wicks

- Burn for more than 1 hour when used for the first time

- Burn time approximately 7 hours

- Designed in Vancouver handmade in China