Mini PACHULI blind box


Mini PACHULI is a Mini Pachuli with different ears, logged into the mysterious garden in the universe: follow the footsteps of Mini Patchouli, travel through flowers and leaves, feel the wonderful taste of everything in nature, and listen to the universe. In the garden, the Mini Pachuli chase playfully.

Each PACHULI is handmade by BeanAndBean with pure natural vegetable wax.

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- Mini PACHULI blind box

- L 7 x W 5 x H 10 cm

- 100% vegetable wax

- Hand-painted unique appearance

- Matcha rabbit notes: bergamot and vetiver

- Cheese cat notes: lily of the valley citrus

- Coffee bear notes: black vetiver and coffee

- Taro cat: sandalwood

- Strawberry bear notes: wild strawberries and parsley

- Oatmeal rabbit notes: apricot peach and honey

- 1 random variant included

- There is a certain chance to withdraw hidden Pachuli

- Can be used as a decorative diffuser

- Burn for more than 1 hour when used for the first time

- Burn time approximately 4 hours

- Designed in Vancouver handmade in China