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No.40 Eroded Carrera RS 2.7


Eroded Carrera RS is an edition based on the classic 1973 Carrera RS 2.7 Touring sports vehicle. Legendary car model Carrera 2.7 is among the most prized models for collectors of rare sports cars nowadays. Each sculpture is 301 mm in length and weighs 2.8 kg.

Eroded Carrera RS comes in Arsham studio designed housing with die-cut foam, sealing label, and a pair of white art handling gloves. This is an edition of 500 pieces, and each Eroded Carrera includes an Arsham Editions holographic label verifying its edition number and authenticity.

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– Daniel Arsham No.40 Eroded Carrera RS 2.7

- Excavated 48°50’04.2″N, 9°09’03.6″E

- L 30.1 x W 12.4 x H 10 cm

- Weight 2.8 kg

- Eroded calcification ruins details

- Materials C20H30O2

- 1 pair of white Archive Editions artistic treatment gloves

- Limited edition of 500 pieces

- Edition No.- / 500

Daniel Arsham