Little Lonely… x odor funder collaboration fragrance


When we wanted to match the scent of "Little Lonely...concrete diffuser", we locked in the general direction of "unusual fragrance with imagination space" from the beginning, matched with the cement landscape and character characteristics. The collaboration with "Manufacturing Institute" odor funder developed the following 3 distinctive Little Lonely... exclusive fragrance scents: Space, Snow, New Toys.


The first snow that brought surprises, accompanied by happy dancing of the hands, fell lightly, sweet, brisk, soft and pleasant.

Odor elements: lime, peach, tropical fruit, cedar, musk, amber, etc.

New Toys

Even all grown-ups, we are still obsessed with new cars, new bags and new shoes, the dreamy smell of these toys.

Odor elements: leather, etc.


Like being in a space capsule, the cold breath of high-tech instruments and metal parts makes the imagination of galloping incredibly real.

Odor elements: smoke and exotic spices, etc.

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- Little Lonely… x odor funder collaboration fragrance

- L 7 x W 3 x H 16 cm

- Weight 0.3 kg

- Capacity 135 ml

- Glass

- Designed and manufactured in Taiwan

- Validity period 5 years