TOGO concrete automobile diffuser set green


TOGO concrete automobile diffuser set green is a limited edition model that Dilio only releases exclusively for special festivals or events. The design is completed by the dry wilderness gray-green dryland modeling cement diffuser, matte metallic luster fog green aluminum alloy magnetic frame and gray camouflage Italian leather pendant to complete the design, creating a low-key luxury and restrained ultimate texture.

Every aspect of Dilio's dedication to detail and quality can be seen in TOGO concrete automobile diffuser set green: An exclusive magnetic clip that can firmly grasp the air outlet blades, A specially designed adjustable leather pendant that can be easily hung on the rear mirror rod and the neck of the chair, so that the rear seat passengers can also enjoy the pleasant fragrance. Or the exclusively developed special formula that can elegantly and continuously emit a fragrance through the pores of the concrete, allowing you to choose your favorite fragrance or perfume, and to show your taste. The design is striving for perfection by repeated testing and adjusted presentation.

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- TOGO concrete automobile diffuser set green

- Diameter 7 cm

- Weight 0.45 kg

- Concrete

- Matte metallic green aluminum alloy frame

- Gray-green dryland shaping concrete diffuser

- Magnetic air outlet clip objects

- Includes 1 TOGO exclusive fragrance

- Grey camouflage Italian leather handmade pendant

- Fragrance mix and match free

- Designed and manufactured in Taiwan

- 1 year warranty