TOGO exclusive fragrance set


TOGO exclusive fragrance set contains 3 fragrances in the set. Use fragrance and music to create a personal style curation in the car. Scent and music are the symbols of your taste and memory code. The ascent of a fragrance that enters the nose & a melody that enters the ears is the proof of your existence in my heart. The music-themed "TOGO Exclusive Fragrance" completes your car's interior style.


I sat in the passenger seat, gently sucking on the vitamin C-supplemented grapefruit juice, and the morning sun shone on my face, making my eyes squinted unconsciously. While turning the steering wheel handsomely, you smiled and said, "You look like a cat stretching in the sun on the windowsill!" I squinted, "Because it's so comfortable to be by your side!"

Odor elements: grapefruit, cypress and frankincense, etc.


Every time you get in the car, you will play this "our song" especially. Your Spotify self-selection playlist is displayed in the car stereo. The first time I heard this song, I praised your musical taste: "How can this song be so good!" I turned my head and looked at your driving profile. Suddenly, you seem to be a bit sexy.

Odor elements: wormwood, white tea, amber, etc.


There is a voice that cannot be imitated, called the smoky voice. With a seemingly casual singing, she accurately grasped every circling note and strung them into clanging roses. When driving, I often feel the confidence and strength like her: running on the road, turning in the mountains, and shuttle in the alleys. I can reach any place I want to go.

Odor elements: smoked rose, cardamom and agarwood, etc.

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- TOGO exclusive fragrance set

- Recommended to be used with TOGO diffuser set

- Capacity 15 ml

- French imported IFRA standards essential oils

- Designed and manufactured in Taiwan

- Validity period 3 years