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Nice Director vinyl figure


Face Oka Naked Director vinyl figure is the "Face Oka X Naked Supervision" series jointly presented by AllRightsReserved and Netflix's world-renowned original Japanese drama "Naked Supervision". The Japanese artist Face Oka was invited for the first time to create a global limited edition of 624 Nice Director dolls. It was launched this year. The first work in his collection series.

Face Oka is good at simple hand-painted style, expressing eroticism in a relaxed and fun way, and at the same time, the bright colors are more retro in the 80s: this joint design uses Face Oka’s classic "face and chaos" as the biggest highlight. The upside-down face design is simple and cute, but without losing the weird and ghostly charm. Face Oka said: "AV Emperor itself is a photo album work that I like very much, and the creation process is very smooth. The worldview described in this set of works is quite consistent with my worldview. It is very nice to be able to create this work happily. Experience! (NICE is the mantra of the protagonist Mura Nishito in the "AV Emperor" drama)"

The Nice Director vinyl figure is 7 and a half inches high. The head of the figure can be replaced with two styles. It is limited to 624 pieces, the artist's signature and serial number are printed under feet, and the NFC unique certification is attached.

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- Face Oka Nice Director vinyl figure

- H 19 cm

- Vinyl

- Printed signature and number under feet

- Certificated NFC chip of authenticity

- Limited edition of 624 pieces

- Edition No.- / 624

Face Oka