Story oak levitating timepiece


Story oak is the first levitating timepiece, which travels through the air allowing you to personalize your own time and your most special journeys. It is more than just a clock; it’s a unique way to visualize time. Customize its orbit via a mobile app or manually. Story is also a metaphor for our planet revolving around the sun, reminding us that time is not just something we keep hidden in our pockets, but a physical and shared experience.

Story is composed of a stylish wooden oak base and the STORYTELLER, a magnetically levitating sphere. The base contains a backlit display that illuminates through the wooden surface, giving it a seamless look and finish. The product is accompanied by a mobile app that allows users to set the date, time, and mode.

Multiple Orientations

Story can levitate horizontally, vertically, or at a 60-degree angle.

Backlit Display

For extended features, connect Story to the cloud for using our mobile app and illuminate realtime data thorough Story’s backlit display.


- Story oak levitating timepiece

- L 26.5 x W 26.5 x H 5.6 cm

- Chrome sphere

- Oak wood base

- Customizable RGB LED display

- Story app

– Input 100-240V – 50/60 Hz

– 15 W output power

- AC adapter

- Designed in Sweden

- Cable length 200 cm

- 15 Volts

- 1 year warranty