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Kelly Ado bag etain with gold hardware


Hermes Kelly Ado first appeared on the cover of the Hermès official journal in 1996. The bag was designed by Hermès's proprietress, Rena Dumas. The backpack was extended with Kelly as a prototype and pioneered two adjustable designs, but it was discontinued after a few years. After several years of silence, with the trend of vintage style, Kelly Ado was finally re-produced in 2018 after a proportional and detailed improvement, the re-launch of Kelly Ado has made it one of the most popular and demanded bags of Hermès nowadays, and finally counted into the Hermès Hall of Fame, which is not less famous than the iconic BKC.

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- Hermes Kelly Ado bag etain with gold hardware

- L 22 x W 8 x H 20 cm

- Etain 8F

- Togo leather

- Gold hardware

- 100% Leather

- Made in France

- Two adjustable leather strap

– Hermès