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Vert bosphore Mini Lindy with gold hardware


Mini Lindy is a new bag launched by Hermès in 2019, with the popularity of mini bags and retroelements in the fashion industry in recent years, Hermès also added this element to the design in 2019, re-engraving many classic styles that have been discontinued, and completing the design with a smaller appearance. Lindy has a unique appearance, which is different from the structure of Hermès' general bag, having two zippers in the middle and is composed of a flap and a classic button, the handle and the strap on the handle has greatly increased the flexibility and practicality of Lindy's matching. Whether it is carried by hand or on the shoulder, it can show Lindy's unique temperament and style, which is still indispensable to Hermès.

Vert Boshpore is a new color launched by Hermès in 2019FW. The color is between blue and green, and it will show a different color with the light, showing a bright saturation and not dim or luster. It is very suitable for those who like blue and green to be fascinated with spring and summer. The appearance of Mini Lindy has overturned the unshakable status of BKC in the past, and has officially become one of the latest limited-edition dream bags equivalent to BKC in short supply.

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- Mini Lindy vert bosphore with gold hardware

- L 19.5 x W 12.5 x H 9.5 cm

- Vert bosphore W0

- Clemence leather

- Double zipper closure

- Gold color hardware

- 100% Leather

- Made in France

– Hermès