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Picotin 18 black with gold hardware


In 2003, Hermès officially launched this Picotin Lock in the market. Hermès Picotin 18 black gold hardware's simple and clean shape and super practical features made this bag quickly become one of the classic classics of Hermès. A versatile bag that can be used with style! In addition to Hermès's most famous BKC club, the most necessary entry model is this Picotin Lock and uniquely shaped Lindy. The history of Picotin Lock can be traced back to 2002. Picotin Lock draws a lot of inspiration from Hermès' equestrian tradition: its shape is inspired by the feed bag hanging on the horse's ear, but the simple and casual Picotin Lock was completed after the final design Many details have been added, such as the Hermes signature lock on the front of the bag, making it far more complicated than its original intention.

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- Hermes Picotin 18 black with gold hardware

⁃ L 18 x W 13 x H 18 cm

- Noir 89

- Clemence leather

- Gold key set

- Gold color hardware

- 100% Leather

- Made in France

– Hermès