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Rodeo MM sesame craie and mauve sylvestre


Hermès Rodeo MM in sesame, craie and mauve sylvestre is a horse pendant charm handmade from Milo lambskin. It is a combination of sesame, craie, and mauve sylvestre colorway with the exquisitely embossed hidden in the inner side of the saddle. Hanging it on the handle of the bag not only brings a richer layer to the style but also echoes with Hermès.

The full name of Milo lambskin is Venus de Milo, which evokes its natural beauty and elegance. It first appeared in the Hermès series in 2005: the appearance is smooth and slightly shiny, and the feels very soft by touching it. It will become softer and mold into the desired shape over time.

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- Rodeo MM sesame craie and mauve sylvestre

- L 12.7 x W 1.5 x H 10.5 cm

- Sesame, craie and mauve sylvestre

- Saddle decoration

- 100% Milo lambskin

- Made in France

– Hermès