Paper milk lamp 55cm


Kimu Paper Milk Lamp 55cm comes from Kimu's hope that the classics can be preserved and responded to with modernity. Let the imagination of Taiwan's lighting continue into everyone's hearts. The "Paper Milk Lamp" gives the milk lamp an unimaginable size. Let paper replace glass, and a huge soft halo like a cloud is born. Let us use "paper "Milk Lamp" continues to light up every glowing room.

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– Kimu paper milk lamp 55cm

– is expected to arrive by the end of December

– length 55 x 55 x 43 cm

– cable length 250 cm

– braided cabling

– industrial paper lantern

– Be sure to use E27 LED bulbs, maximum wattage 13 W

- Designed and manufactured in Taiwan

- 1 year warranty