Royal Lambskin Car Fragrance Refill Petitgrain & Oud


L'Original Royal Lambskin Car Fragrance Set Refill Pack Petitgrain and Oud cooperates with top perfume companies in the UK and France, and employs British royal perfumers from the same brands such as Tom Ford and Jo Malone to develop a series of L'Original 'Original's exclusive fragrance turns every car trip into an olfactory vacation.

This fragrance has notes of petitgrain and oud, and the light shines to reveal your modern silhouette. The graceful petitgrain leaves after the rain meet with precious agarwood, pure vanilla and patchouli, exuding a natural and calm charm.

Each fragrance capsule of the brand can last up to 30-60 days, and they have passed the international certification of IFRA to ensure that they meet the most stringent safety tests. Simply place the diffuser in your car's air vents to release a comforting and captivating scent that will enhance your driving experience every time.

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– Royal Lambskin Car Fragrance Set Refill Pack Petitgrain & Oud

- Natural fragrance essential oils

- Note: petitgrain and ebony

- Top: geranium and petitgrain

- Heart: ebony, palmarosa and lilac

- Base: vanilla, patchouli and oud

- Last 30-60 days

- Natural solid diatomaceous earth diffuser

– comes with 1 fragrance capsule

- Designed in United Kingdom made in China