Royal Lambskin Car Fragrance Set Cognac Brown


L’Original 皇家小羊皮車用香氛組 干邑棕旨在緩慢釋放香味,而我們的車用擴香允許您在不同香味之間隨心所欲更換,以匹配您的心情,創造專屬於你的感官體驗。固態的珪藻土擴香體設計杜絕了香氛的外洩,擴香架的設計耐磨且易於使用和重新填充,正常使用壽命長達 5 年以上。

L'Original has collaborated with leading British and French perfume companies, and developed a series of brand-specific fragrances with Tom Ford and Jo Malone, the same royal perfumer, to turn your car journey into a sense of smell. Holidays: Between the shining lights, I glimpse your modern silhouette. The graceful petitgrain leaves after the rain are intertwined with precious agarwood oud, pure vanilla and patchouli, exuding a natural calm charm.

Each fragrance capsule of the brand can last up to 30-60 days, and they have passed the international certification of IFRA to ensure that they meet the most stringent safety tests. Simply place the diffuser in your car's air vents to release a comforting and captivating scent that will enhance your driving experience every time.

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– 皇家小羊皮車用香氛組 干邑棕

- Diameter 4.2 cm

- H 4.6 cm

- Weight 0.1 kg

- Natural fragrance essential oils

- Note: petitgrain and ebony

- Top: geranium and petitgrain

- Heart: ebony, palmarosa and lilac

- Base: vanilla, patchouli and oud

- Last 30-60 days

- Natural solid diatomaceous earth diffuser

- Lambskin, aluminum alloy and nylon fiber diffuser

- Includes 1 diffuser, 3 fragrance capsules and 1 pair of gloves

- Other fragrance capsules refill pack replaceable

- IFRA international certified fragrance

- Designed in United Kingdom made in China