Leather and sandalwood luxury automobile diffuser refills


L'Original leather and sandalwood scented luxury automobile diffuser refills have collaborated with leading British and French perfume companies, and developed a series of brand-specific fragrances with Tom Ford and Jo Malone, the same royal perfumer, to turn your car journey into a sense of smell holidays.

This fragrance has leather and sandalwood fragrance notes, exuding a mysterious and rough charm as a whole. The integration of leather suede and woody fragrance highlights the innate characteristics of a barrage. The unique smoked resin wooden case is refreshing and irresistible. It exudes the charm of a calm giant wood and feels the honor of classic leather.

Each of the brand's diffusers lasts up to 30-60 days, and they are all internationally certified by IFRA, ensuring they meet the most stringent safety tests. Simply place the diffuser where you want it to release a comfortable and captivating scent that elevates your living experience.

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- Leather and sandalwood luxury automobile diffuser refills

- Natural fragrance essential oils

- Note: leather and sandalwood

- Last 30-60 days

- Natural solid diatomaceous earth diffuser

- Includes 2 fragrance capsules

- IFRA international certified fragrance

- Designed in United Kingdom made in China