Obsidian black luxury automobile diffuser set


L’Original obsidian black luxury automobile diffuser set is designed to release fragrance slowly. L'Original's car diffuser allows you to switch between scents to match your mood and create a personal sensory experience. The solid diatomaceous earth inside is designed to prevent leakage of fragrance, and the diffuser is designed to be wear-resistant and easy to use and refill, with a normal lifespan of more than 5 years.

L'Original has collaborated with leading British and French perfume companies, and developed a series of brand-specific fragrances with Tom Ford and Jo Malone, the same royal perfumer, to turn your car journey into a sense of smell. Holidays: This fragrance has amber and rose notes, a little frankincense and peppery spice penetrating like a thin layer of smoke, and the mysterious and calm amber wraps the glass rose in layers without losing its softness and elegance. A rare neutral woody complex.

Each of the brand's diffusers lasts up to 30-60 days, and they are all internationally certified by IFRA, ensuring they meet the most stringent safety tests. Simply place the diffuser where you want it to release a comfortable and captivating scent that elevates your living experience.

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- Obsidian black luxury automobile diffuser set

- Diameter 3.5 cm

- Weight 0.1 kg

- Natural fragrance essential oils

- Note: leather and sandalwood

- Last 30-60 days

- Natural solid diatomaceous earth diffuser

- Aluminum alloy and nylon fiber diffuser

- Includes 1 diffuser, 2 fragrance capsules

- Other fragrance capsules refill pack replaceable

- IFRA international certified fragrance

- Designed in United Kingdom made in China