Wild citrus and freesia luxury automobile diffuser refills


L'Original wild citrus and freesia scented luxury automobile diffuser refills have collaborated with leading British and French perfume companies, and developed a series of brand-specific fragrances with Tom Ford and Jo Malone, the same royal perfumer, to turn your car journey into a sense of smell holidays.

This fragrance has the aroma of wild citrus and freesia, just like walking in the garden of southern France, the clear and playful sweet and sour citrus is coming towards you, and the elegant freesia is followed by the softness of lily of the valley. It's a scent that brings a good mood when you smell it. The recovery of all things brings the sweetness of the spring breeze. Walking in the garden after the rain hides the unbearable joy, immersing the next journey in joy.

Each of the brand's diffusers lasts up to 30-60 days, and they are all internationally certified by IFRA, ensuring they meet the most stringent safety tests. Simply place the diffuser where you want it to release a comfortable and captivating scent that elevates your living experience.

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- Wild citrus and freesia luxury automobile diffuser refills

- Natural fragrance essential oils

– Fragrance Notes: Wild Citrus & Freesia

- Last 30-60 days

- Natural solid diatomaceous earth diffuser

- Includes 2 fragrance capsules

- IFRA international certified fragrance

- Designed in United Kingdom made in China