Lito mini book lamp yellow navy blue cover


Lumio book lamp Lito mini yellow navy blue cover has no buttons, no switches, and no wires. When closed, it is a delicate hardcover book that conceals light inside; when opened, it will become a sculpture-like artistic lamp, exuding gentleness soft and warm light. Compared with Lumio classic, Lumio mini not only shrinks in size but also adds a USB port charging function on the side of the book. When fully charged, it can charge up to 3 iPhone X.

Lito can reach up to 360 degrees. Whether you want to travel or use in home furnishings, you can adjust the light range according to your personal needs to bring temperature and light to the environment; the high-quality shell cover is durable and waterproof, and it can be fully charged. Provides up to 8 hours of use time, and can be recharged. The minimalist design and innovative style make it an indispensable companion in life.

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- Lito mini book lamp yellow navy blue cover

- Requires 3-5 weeks shipping days after ordering

- L 8.9 x W 2.5 x H 14.1 cm

- Weight 0.34 kg

- Heavy-duty Buckram bookcloth

- Tyvek waterproof and environmentally friendly recyclable paper

- Magnetic closure design

- Designed in Cambridge

- 7400 mAh re-chargeable lithium polymer

- Battery capacity 4 hours of charging / 8 hours of power supply

- Power bank can charge iPhone X up to 3 times

- Max brightness 250 lumens

- Color temperature 2700 k warm white light

- 4.4 luminous power

- 50,000 hours lifetime

- 1 year warranty