Rabbit chair matt gray green


The Qeeboo Rabbit Chair in matt gray green has a bold shape and bright colors, making it hard not to become the center of attention. Hop on this extraordinary chair! The Qeeboo Rabbit series of chairs designed by Stefano Giovannoni can be used to sit on the rabbit's ears or on the other side, straddle the rabbit and place your forearms on the rabbit's ears, the most authentic Qeeboo hat trick, suitable for indoor and outdoor use And various situations bring surprises to the space.

Rabbit Chair is a series of products designed by Stefano Giovannoni that has a strong influence on social media. The iconic modern rabbit family symbolizes love and fertility, bringing good luck and good wishes, and is a classic design for all ages. The rabbit is a gentle, cute and shy animal. The design is inspired by the connection between the outline of the rabbit and the outline of the seat, with the rabbit's ears becoming the backrest of the chair.

Stefano Giovannoni's design style is full of childlike fun and cartoon sense. Many of his works have won multiple international design awards and are permanently collected by well-known museums such as Center Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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– Qeeboo rabbit chair matt gray green

– length 69 x 39.5 x 80 cm

- Seat height 32 cm

– weight 5 kg

– polyethylene

- Designed and made in Italy