White Army figure lamp


The metal head and the body of high-density recycled plastic of The Lampster white Army figure lamp have hand-painted rusty patterns, bringing the old rusty appearance left on the headlights of old tractors. The stars on the chest and the stripes on the head are old-fashioned Military vehicle style, the use of various retroelements brings out a strong and unique appearance. To achieve the anti-rust effect and premium quality, each of Army's paint is hand-sprayed, and the combination of 8 different colors is used to present a perfect rusty distressed effect.

Multiple Orientations

The uniquely designed metal headlight of The Lampster Army can be rotated 360°, and the elevation angle can be adjusted at 65° upward and 45° downward.

RGB Display

To enable more functions, please download and use The Lampster's exclusive App. By connecting to Bluetooth, set the RGB color adjustment function of The Lampster's metal headlight display according to our personal needs, providing almost unlimited possibilities for your environment Color combination.

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- The Lampster white Army figure lamp

- L 10 x W 5 x H 46 cm

- Weight 2.6 kg

- Combine 8 colors to present a rusty distressed effect

- Metal headlight with glass lamp surface

- High-density recycled plastic polyethylene body

- Scratch-resistant rubber sole

- Leather decorative strap

- Spare glass lamp surface

- 120 LED Orsam

- Customizable RGB LED display

- The Lampster app

- Designed and manufactured in Romania

- 15 Luminous power

- Cable length 250 cm

- 1 year warranty

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