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Light Speaker black


Transparent Light Speaker Black presents clear interior details with a unique tempered glass and aluminum monoframe construction, showcasing a design approach born of a love of Scandinavian simplicity and functionalism.

NATURAL, LIVING LIGHT - Humanity has gathered around the fire since the beginning, and it has grown us and brought us to where we are today. Transparent analyzed the properties of real flames in order to make the Light Speaker a Bluetooth speaker that can act as your little campfire: we created a speaker that glows from the bottom of the device with the vibrating bass, finely tuned for color changes and subtle flickers of music , to create a vital flame atmosphere. Vibration and flicker together create a natural and vivid lighting experience; Light Spearer also pursues Transparent in sound presentation, with the goal of bringing listeners closer to the music and providing a rich and real music experience, full-range drivers and passive radiators The pairing provides a big and open sound with rich bass and crisp detail. The dome-shaped design facilitates 360-degree sound transmission. Wherever you go, camping—balconies—beach—barbeques—bathrooms—bonfires—every big adventure, the Light Speaker's vivid sound and light will set the mood for the environment!

Transparent is designed to last a lifetime in your home. The innovative modular construction allows it to be upgraded with new tech over time, making the speaker capable of being even better while aging up.

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– Transparent Light Speaker black

– L 10.5 x W 10.5 x H 16 cm

– Including handle height 21.4 cm

– Weight 0.6 kg

- Tempered glass

- Black aluminum uniframe

– Weather resistance grade IPX2

– The bottom panel can adjust the volume, light and turn on-off separately

– Supports Bluetooth 5.0 or line-in 3.5 mm mini-jack

– Two Light Speakers can perform TWS stereo pairing

– Full Range Driver 1 x 2.5”

– Passive Radiator 1 x 3”

– 5 W Output power

– Frequency 60 – 18,000 Hz

– 3500 mAh USB Type-C rechargeable lithium battery

– battery power up to 10 hours

– Battery status button and 4-segment LED indicator

– Color temperature 900 – 2700 k warm white light

– Includes 1 USB Type-C charging cable, 1 double-ended AUX audio cable and assembly tools

- Multi-country conversion AC adaptor

- Designed in Sweden made in China

- 1 year warranty