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Coffee and Contemplation


Coffee and Contemplation is a limited collection of figures released by artist Yusuke Hanai to celebrate the season 4 premiere of Netflix's Stranger Things, based on the character Sheriff Jim Hopper. Yusuke Hanai once lived in San Francisco, the United States, so the street culture of the West Coast has a great influence on him, including the Beatles, hippos, surfers, and other diverse non-mainstream cultures. Yusuke Hanai's creation also mixes Eastern and Western elements.

Yusuke Hanai's work Jim Hopper is thoughtful in a sheriff's uniform, holding a cup of coffee with a pen in his right hand, with stern expressions and facial features that reflect the signature style so popular among his other characters.

Coffee and Contemplation figure sculpture is 11.8 inches tall, and limited to 1,000 pieces.

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- Yusuke Hanai Coffee and Contemplation

- H 30 cm

- Mixed media

- Limited edition of 1,000 pieces

- Edition No.- / 1,000

Yusuke Hanai