Secure Payment & Data Protection

Secure Payment & Data Protection

We pay great attention to the security of your data, not only that any information you provide on THÉM is encrypted by SSL technical data and then transmitted to the server; but we also strictly require the security of third-party payment, we choose to have PCI -DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 3.2.1 The certified Hongyang makes the transaction multi-level check more secure.

To learn more about how THÉM uses your personal information on the Site, please read our Privacy Policy.

Secure third party payment

The third-party payment company that THÉM cooperates when choosing credit card payment with is Sun Tech Co., Ltd. Sun Tech Co., Ltd has the PCI-DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 3.2.1 certification, which makes the cardholder's data secure, having more reliable protection. Sun Tech Co., Ltd introduces the Security Token module, which compiles encryption technology without having to memorize credit card information, providing customers with a high security and fast checkout function.

We store your personal information only through partners using the highest data security standards, and we currently store your payment data in Sun Tech Co., Ltd.


SSL certificate

THÉM has an SSL certificate ( secure communication layer ) that protects the security of the website. It is used to verify the identity of the website and encrypt the data using SSL technology and then transfer it to the server. Encryption is a program that writes disorganized material into a format that cannot be interpreted. The encrypted data can be returned to a readable format by an appropriate decryption key. The encrypted data is only deciphered when the payment system is used.