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The Spirit of THÉM

A platform for sharing Design, Fashion and Art.

THÉM is positioned as an online fashion company for sharing Design, Fashion and Art. We select products with strict and high standards, select high-quality objects from all over the world, and present the most unique experience for your life aesthetics.

"Defined by us." - THÉM represents each individual who's obsessed with beauty. We share what we love with you, hoping you will bring beauty to the world through your interpretation.

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"Make gifting a simple and high-quality ritual of life"

THÉM selects one-of-a-kind quality items from all over the world for you. We hope to make gifting simple, fun, and more importantly, of the highest quality. Whether it's a gift for yourself or a gift for someone you hold dear, you can find the most suitable items at THÉM to bring healing and inspiration to your life.

To us, every product delivered by THÉM is not only the sale of the item but also a message of faith and beauty: accumulating more than thousands of satisfied smiles and surprises. Each story THÉM accompanies every new owner in life is our team's greatest satisfaction.

Present each carefully selected brand with the highest standards.

We look forward to seeing you feel the care of our team through every brand that THÉM presents, and every selection is born out of the team's love for the brand.

THÉM carefully selected and carried brands around the world. Distributed for brands such as A Better Feeling, Amen, Assouline, BeanAndBean, Cityframes, Dilio, Driade, Earl of East, Flyte, Ilex Studio, L’Original, Lucky Toad, Lumio, Moheim, The Lampster, Transparent, Werner Voss and Wonder Machines in Taiwan. In addition to the agency and distribution of brands, we also provide a selection of limited-edition products from up to 10 international brands and designer brands such as Daniel Arsham, Hermès and Louis Vuitton and contemporary artists.

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