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THÉM studio​

Store introduction

Visiting THÉM Studio requires an appointment. Generally, we do not open to the public except for clients who have successfully made an appointment.

Business Hours / Availability of Appointments

Monday to Friday: 11:00 – 20:00
Saturday: 12:00 – 18:00


Store introduction

THÉM "CONSTRUCTING" is the first pop-up store opened by THÉM: the theme of this time is "Constructing", and the presentation method will create a space like an art gallery, presenting each brand that THÉM distributes in the form of an exhibition. Representative brand products will be placed on each column, and the lighting from the top of the column will present an atmosphere of appreciating artworks. The surrounding metal iron frame hints at the process of building a brand from scratch. From this Pop-up, THÉM officially combines the online official website with the offline physical store, offering the most unique experience for your life aesthetics.

Business hours

23 Apr 22 – 12 May 22

The schedule has ended, the new physical store is in preparation Coming Soon...

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If you want to visit our studio, please fill in the form below to make an appointment with us. After confirming your appointment, we will contact you and arrange a 1-to-1 service with a specialist.