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We are looking for those who are also working hard to promote fashion culture. Anyone who has experience in operating online platforms or opening physical stores and is passionate about the fashion industry is our preferred partner. We hope that your participation will pass the fashion culture to more people, making the concept of fashion closer to the life of every friend. More importantly, the two sides can grow together in the process of cooperation!


Persistence of Selection From THÉM

THÉM is the agent and distributor of high-end home furnishings from all over the world. We are currently the exclusive distributor for brands such as A Better Feeling, Amen, BeanAndBean, Cityframes, Flyte, The Lampster and Wonder Machines in Taiwan, also we are the authorized distributor for brands such as Dilio, Driade, Earl of East, L'Original, Lumio, Moheim, Transparent and Werner Voss in Taiwan. In addition to the agency and distribution of brands, we also provide a selection of limited-edition products from up to 10 international brands and designer brands such as Chanel, Daniel Arsham, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and contemporary artists. All products from THÉM come with complete counter accessories such as hangtags, warranty cards and dust bags, and counterfeit hangtags that represent THÉM quality control to ensure authenticity.


Cooperation Method

We look forward to various possibilities of cooperation, including cooperation between manufacturers, product distribution, and other kinds of cooperate. Sharing has always been one of our most important core values. We aim to build THÉM as a platform to deliver beautiful people and things to more friends. Therefore, every invitation for cooperation with brands and manufacturers is valuable. If you have a consensus on brand cooperation and grow with us, we sincerely invite you to contact us through the form below.
After you pass the review and officially become our partner, we will promote your brand through THÉM and various platforms, introduce your brand to more friends, and grow together in the process of working together. On the other hand, once you have officially become our partner through the audit, we will provide you with complete catalogs of THÉM, including stocks and prices. We authorize you to reprint the watermarks representing you or the company and use our carefully photographed product images. Also, as long as you become a partner through the review of THÉM, you will receive a preferential price for the cooperations.

How to Apply

If you meet the conditions above and have considerable enthusiasm for becoming a partner and promoting fashion culture together, we sincerely invite you to fill out the following form, we will send you a notice of the results of the review within 3 days through the contact information provided by you.