Corporate Procurement

Corporate Procurement

The products of each brand that THÉM selects are all one-of-a-kind quality items from all over the world. We are well-known for the texture and quality requirements in our selection and are deeply loved by many corporates, defined as one of the leading brands when it comes to gifting: We hope to make gifting simple, easy and fun. For us, every product delivered by THÉM is not only the sale of items but also a transmission of belief and beauty.

Making gifting simple and high-quality

THÉM provides the best gifting experience not only by focusing on the diverse selection of high-quality products, but also pays great attention to every detail on the packaging. Our team carefully packs each gift to ensure the recipient receives not only a gift but also full of surprises and enjoyment from the moment of receiving the gift to unboxing; we also provide customized services such as tailor-made unique packaging for gifts you carefully select, which can not only upgrade the appearance of the package but also strengthen your brand image.

We understand that in addition to choosing the right gifts, the budget is also a major consideration, these challenges will be handled with the assistance of our gifting specialists: you only need to provide us with your budget and gift ideas, then our gifting specialists will assure you an easy and fun gifting experience by recommending the most suitable gift for your needs.

Purchase Inquiry

If you have purchase needs for bulk commodities such as gifts, office supplies, store accessories, etc., please tell us your needs and budget through the form below. Our specialists will provide you with the most appropriate planning and assistance according to your needs.