Payment Methods

Payment Methods

THÉM offers a variety of different payment methods, no matter which method you choose to proceed with your payment, the security of your data transmission will be protected by a peer encryption mechanism as the bank.


Pay by credit card

The company that THÉM cooperates with for credit card payment is China Trust Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. "VISA Verification Service (Verified by Visa, VbV)" and "MasterCard Verification Service (MasterCard® SecureCode™)" are provided by China Trust Bank Co., Ltd. and are operated by VISA , MasterCard and JCB International Organization verified safe shopping mechanism to improve the security of online transactions.



If you choose LINE Pay, you will be redirected to the LINE payment page, where you can bind a credit card for payment, and you can use Line Points to offset the consumption.


ATM transfer or Bank transfer

If you choose ATM transfer or bank transfer, please transfer your money to Them Co., Ltd's bank account within 6 hours after your order is placed.

Please note that your orders will not be shipped until THÉM has confirmed receiving the payment. If you do not remit your order within 6 hours, your order will be canceled.


Bank Account: Them Co., Ltd.

Bank: E. Sun Commercial Bank, Ltd., Da'an Branch

Account Number: 0967-940-017936

Bank Code:808

165 Anti-fraud

The Company will not proactively contact you to request personal financial information, nor will we ask you to ATM Unset; if you receive a call from fake customer service or bank personnel, (Order amount payment in installments / Deduction failed / Change checkout method) Please provide account, credit card information or operations on behalf of others ATM For transfers and remittances, please contact the following channels for verification to avoid fraud:

∙ Instantly confirm your order with the editor for Q&A via Facebook, Instagram or Line@

Via customer service mailbox([email protected]) orContact UsLetter confirmation

∙ Via the Ministry of the Interior Police Station 165 anti-fraud confirmation

Service hotline: 165
Report phone number: 165#2