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Assouline Assouline Louis Vuitton Manufactures hardcover book is dedicated to these ateliers and the inspiring people who work there. Louis Vuitton promotes the idea that the atelier can be a place of fulfillment and individuality, a place where craftsmen who often challenge the traditional image of the workshop can learn, respect and transmit their skills, and cultivate innovation. In pursuit of regional expertise and excellence in craftsmanship, Louis Vuitton's ateliers span France and beyond, from Geneva (Switzerland) to Fiesso d'Artico (Italy) and even Texas (USA). Sites of historical significance or natural beauty often have Louis Vuitton workshops nearby: in Normandy, the sea fortress of Mont Saint-Michel is visible from Ducey's workshop, while in Beaulieu-sur-Léon , Louis Vuitton's light-filled studio promises minimal environmental impact.

Featuring photographs taken exclusively for the book, the book showcases the extraordinary locations and architecture of the Louis Vuitton ateliers, as well as through Louis Vuitton's luggage, handbags, fragrances, watches, shoes, fine jewelry and ready-to-wear creations. Talented, craftsmen who simultaneously bring their founder’s skills and savoir-faire into the 21st century.

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– Assouline Louis Vuitton Manufactures Hardcover Book

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– 400 pages

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– English

– Author: Nicholas Foulkes

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