Mykonos Muse Hardcover


Assouline Mykonos Muse Hardcover showcases the culture and society of Mykonos Located in the Cyclades, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, whitewashed and dotted with windmills, Mykonos is the Island of the Winds. This ancient island and its surrounding islands, home to the mythical body of the god slain by ancient Heracles, are older than legend and have given birth to countless cultures over the course of thousands of years. Covering forty square miles and with a population of just 10,000, the "Ibiza of Greece" is revered for its gorgeous architecture, hospitable and open-minded locals, and stunning beaches. With names like "Paradise" and "Super Paradise", the sandy beaches of these shores have captured the imagination and hearts of industry titans, artists and partygoers from around the globe, marking it as an established cosmopolitan destination and its jet-setting The most important safe haven on the jet track.

This book chronicles the culture and society that has defined Mykonos over the past century– From its role as a hideout for celebrities and elites such as Le Corbusier and Antonis Benakis, to its emergence as a refuge for the gay community moments, to its main party scene – while allowing the reader to indulge in the ruins and mythology hidden there.

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– Assouline Mykonos Muse Hardcover

– L24.6 x W3.9 x H33 cm

– weight 2.9 kg

– 300 pages

– over 200 images

– silk hardcover

– English

– Author: Lizy Manola

– Additional contributions: Rachel Howard / Michael Skafidas

– Designed in France Made in Italy