Explorer PACHULI scented candle


Explorer PACHULI is a Pachuli star civilian from the future: Pachuli was born in the universe in an interstellar adventure. Every Pachuli originates from the explosion of a star, and they are all children of the stars. A lost civilization whose coordinates are in the Milky Way galaxy, a living body planet that has not yet been detected by the earth, has traveled through time and space, holding their aircraft, and landed on this blue planet.

Explorer PACHULI scented candle has a scent of orange blossom. The orange appearance is full of charm, and he is often the focus of the masses. The orange is a cheerful, brilliant color, full of vitality and spirit, and has the qualities and energy of an adventurer. PACHULI is derived from natural scents, allowing multi-dimensional magnetic fields to appear in space. Each PACHULI is handmade by BeanAndBean with pure natural vegetable wax.

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- Explorer PACHULI scented candle

- L 11 x W 8 x H 15 cm

- Weight 355g

- Orange

- 100% vegetable wax

- Notes: orange blossom

- Can be used as a decorative diffuser

- Carrying a carrot in hand and comes with 2 candle wicks

- Burn for more than 1 hour when used for the first time

- Burn time approximately 7 hours

- Designed in Vancouver handmade in China