City Cube Tokyo Tower Japan


City Cube Tokyo Tower Japan Japan 3D printed city model restores the arrangement of buildings in the city center at a scale of 1:4500, allowing you to collect your exclusive memories.

Tokyo is a city located in the Kanto region of Japan and is currently the world's largest metropolitan area. The Tokyo Tower is officially called the Japanese Radio Tower. It was built based on the Paris Eiffel Tower. It is 333 meters tall and 13 meters taller than the Paris Tower. Since its completion, it has become a famous landmark and tourist attraction in Tokyo and is currently the second in Japan. The tall buildings are second only to Tokyo Skytree.

Can be hung on the wall

The Cityframes 3D printed city model hung on the wall is not only a painting-like interior decoration but also a collection of a city that you have visited before, bringing profound and memorial meaning.

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- City Cube Tokyo Tower Japan

- Asia

- L 18 x W 18 cm

- White 3D printed synthetic polymers

- Doubled bottom plate

- Hangable black outer frame

- Wall hook groove

- Scale 1:4500

- Designed and manufactured in Germany

– Cityframes