Lungs ashtray


Dilio Lungs ashtray the spoof pun design makes people laugh at first sight. On the one hand, it can be regarded as a sarcastic design with a warning sign: "When using this ashtray, think more about your health?" As a pretended and generous gift to those who you wish to quit smoking, expect the recipient while unboxing it, or being shocked whenever they put a cigarette in the lungs ashtray, helps them seriously consider quitting smoking.

This product still has the decorative effect of modern art after the user quits smoking, or can be used as a small coin tray, with a wide range of uses. On the other hand, it can be regarded as a bold statement taken for granted by the addict: "Well, stop talking nonsense, no matter what, I just want to smoke!".

Air bubbles are the most fascinating symbol of concrete. Each handmade concrete product has air bubbles of different sizes and positions, making each product unique.

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- Dilio Lungs ashtray

- L 20 x W 15 x H 3 cm

- Weight 0.8 kg

- Concrete

- Tray for coins and small objects

- A modern art decoration after quitting smoking

- Moderate fire resistance to reduce heat marks

- Designed and manufactured in Taiwan

- 1 year warranty