Time blue


Dilio Time blue is Dilio's first work. The idea was to design a clock with concrete to emphasize the weight, toughness and rigidness of the material itself, hence the block. It helps to bring focus exclusively to the aesthetics and elegance of the product. We took out functions to be found in a “regular” clock and kept it plain. Yes, it is not meant to be moved around or wake you up in the morning.

This clock displays time, date and temperature in a 3-second interval. Simple and neat shape, suitable for any interior design style, a versatile product that boys and girls will like. To make the electronic clock perfectly integrated into the home environment, Dilio deliberately adjusted the clock panel to the most comfortable brightness, soft and not dazzling, with a sense of existence but not obtrusive.

Air bubbles are the most fascinating symbol of concrete. Each handmade concrete product has air bubbles of different sizes and positions, making each product unique.

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- Dilio Time blue

- L 20 x W 9 x H 10.5 cm

- Weight 1.5 kg

- Concrete

- ABS Panel

- Mini USB power cord included

- Displays time, date and temperature.

- Designed and manufactured in Taiwan

- 1 year warranty