Lucky Colorful Lucky Cat Pink


Donkey Products Lucky Colorful Lucky Cat Pink is the brand's classic design, and pink symbolizes romance. Based on the traditional Japanese lucky cat Maneki-Neko, a modern lucky mascot is designed. The surface is made of matte spray paint in different colors. They can not only add the finishing touch to your store and attract the attention of passers-by, but they can also bring various atmosphere changes and healing feelings to the space when placed at home.

Maneki-Neko The lucky cat is a common traditional cat-shaped mascot ornament in Japan. It is said to bring happiness and wealth to its owner. The shape is as follows: one hand is raised to the top of the head, making a gesture to challenge others. Germany's Donkey Products uses the traditional Japanese Lucky Cat as the prototype to design a simple and stylish version, and replaces the traditional ceramic material with special high-quality plastic to present an elegant matte matte texture.

Donkey Products mostly uses environmentally friendly plastics as materials. The surface often retains some workmanship traces such as particles, spots, demoulding lines, and electroplating bumps. This is a normal texture. The swing range of each Lucky Cat's hand is slightly different, which is also a This is a normal phenomenon and is not a defect. If the condition of the product is of a higher standard, please consider it first and confirm that it is acceptable before placing an order.

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– Donkey Products Lucky Colorful Lucky Cat Pink

– length 10.8 x width 8 x height 15 cm

– weight 105 grams

– Pink symbolizes romance

– matte matte texture

– environmentally friendly plastic

– needs to install an AA battery to swing the left hand

– Designed in Germany Made in China

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