Buda Ball gold chrome sphere black base


Buda Ball in gold levitating chrome sphere with a black base is designed to allow us to find peace in the busy urban life and stress. It has a Zen image and appearance. It combines art and science with a simple design and stunning magnetic levitation technology. It is levitated by a magnetic force. The levitating ball on the base is composed of a hypnotic float in an invisible magnetic field, like a frozen water droplet standing still in time, creating a soothing and static visual experience: reminding us to stay focused and active in turbulent times right now.

Levitating sphere Buda Ball almost ignores gravitation in appearance. Through Flyte's exclusive technology, it can float on the base vertically or horizontally on the ground. The fast-paced life pattern day after day puts too much pressure on our hearts. The mess of information often makes us feel overwhelmed. The Buda Ball reminds us to breathe deeply and slow down to find inner peace.

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- Buda Ball levitating gold chrome sphere black base

- L 11 x W 11 x H 2.3 cm

- Chrome sphere diameter 2 cm

- Replaceable chrome sphere

- Black base

- AC adapter

- Designed in Sweden

- 1 year warranty

– Flyte