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Ilex Studio 酪梨玻璃花器 玫瑰粉基於極簡主義、永恆和功能性為設計原則,讓您可以觀察酪梨和橡樹種子的成熟過程,深入了解植物生命的第一階段。品牌設計出 Avocado Vase 激發人們種植、培育和頌揚植物和樹木的價值,透過獨特的花器與新穎的種植方式,相信您會發現酪梨種子的生長充滿樂趣、吸引力和回報。此外,它將是您可以種植最豐盛、最漂亮的室內植物之一。

The Ilex Studio improves on the traditional method of planting avocado seeds, with an exclusive opening designed to support the seeds, allowing your avocados to keep the seeds dry while they germinate and encourage the roots to grow freely. The sinuous vase amplifies the roots while flourishing; creating a perfect focal point to witness plant growth and create a stronger foundation for eventual replanting in soil. The specially designed glass has a magnifying function, allowing you to clearly see the growth of the roots day by day.

With Ilex Studio's avocado glass vase, your love for avocados will no longer be limited to eating, and watching your beloved plants grow will make this joy last forever; save the seeds, let them grow, Then discover the remarkable tree inside.

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– Ilex Studio 酪梨玻璃花器 玫瑰粉

– L15 x W15 x H16 cm

- High borosilicate glass

– can grow avocado seeds

The unique design of – vase can magnify the details inside the glass

- Designed and handcrafted in United Kingdom

– Ilex Studio