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DUO Mixed Fragrance Melting Wax Lamp Metal Version


Kimu DUO Mixed Fragrance Melting Wax Lamp Metal Edition returns to the essence of design through the design of the world's first dual lamp head: Kimu from Taiwan is eager to create a fragrance experience that is more picky than you, DUO melting wax light and heat are absorbed into the fabric, using light The heat energy is generated to melt the candle to emit the scent, and the shimmering light emitted through the fabric makes the light have no boundaries, but the atmosphere; just like the smell, it is as natural to enter life without boundaries. From then on, I no longer worry about suspended particles, no longer being choked by extinguished smoke, no incompletely burned wax, only the good feeling of lingering aftertaste.

The wax melting lamp revolution, the birth of the dual lamp head design: Kimu uses the high specification and innovative thinking of designing lamps to define the future wax melting lamp with elegance, creating a wax melting lamp that you have never seen before. It not only upgrades your sense of ritual, but also adds detail and then upgrades, intimately controlling all your fragrance moments, so that the sense of smell that is different every day is submissive. Different from the common cone-shaped or imitation oil lamp styles on the market, the appearance of DUO melting wax lamps provides clean lines and elegant proportions, providing a balance between function and beauty, and defines melting wax lamps with elegance, which should be matched in every style space With ease, enhance the texture of your every corner.

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– Kimu DUO Mixed Fragrance Melting Wax Lamp Metal Version

– length 23.5 x 8 x 26 cm

– Weight 1.4 kg

– Metal bite paint

– 100% Linen

– can also be used as a night light

– comes with 2 110V 35W halogen bulbs

- Designed and manufactured in Taiwan

- 1 year warranty