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Lucky Toad 幸運招財揪吉 五十 紅古的設計參考了傳統的招財蟾外型,取其姿態及神韻,以工藝與設計和俐落簡約的現代線條重塑經典,經過無數次修改調整,使每一個流線曲面都發出光芒。融合如意、聚寶、招財的意象,與當代美感連結,輕鬆融入現代的空間樣貌。錫合金製的招財揪吉,是由台灣傳統錫工藝 — 離心鑄 塑造成形,沉穩有份量感,並經由精準焊接、來回修整、打磨、反覆拋光、電鍍等多道工序,打造立體全鏡面,每個環節都是由台灣經驗豐富的鑄造師傅精心處理,呈現工藝品般的細膩質感。

Few people in today's young generation know that the traditional lucky mascot in Taiwan is a toad, let alone that the lucky toad has only three legs. If the culture cannot be passed on, the Lucky Toad will be on the verge of extinction. Just like ecological conservation saved the Taiwanese Shihu, we should also save the Lucky Toad in terms of cultural continuation! The creative team "Xiao Creative" from Taiwan uses design to transform the traditional lucky toad into a lucky "Jaji" that makes people smile. With a new appearance full of design sense, the traditional culture continues in the new era.

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– Lucky Toad 幸運招財揪吉 五十 紅古

– L3.5 x W3.1 x H2.4 cm

– weight 120 grams

– tin alloy

– electroplated red antique

– Hairline surface

– hand-drawn metal production

– can bite 10 yuan coins, 50 yuan coins and small three yuan energy coins

– comes in a metal box

- Designed and manufactured in Taiwan

– Lucky Toad