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The ancient design of Lucky Toad refers to the appearance of the traditional lucky toad, taking its posture and charm, and reshapes the classic with craftsmanship and design and neat and simple modern lines. After countless modifications and adjustments, Make every streamlined surface shine. It integrates the images of wishful thinking, gathering treasures and attracting wealth, and connects it with contemporary beauty, easily integrating into the modern space appearance. The pewter alloy lucky charm is formed by centrifugal casting, Taiwan's traditional tin craft. It is calm and weighty. It goes through multiple processes such as precise welding, back-and-forth trimming, polishing, repeated polishing, and electroplating to create a three-dimensional full mirror surface. Each link is carefully handled by Taiwan's experienced casting masters, presenting a delicate texture like handicrafts.

Few people in today's young generation know that the traditional lucky mascot in Taiwan is a toad, let alone that the lucky toad has only three legs. If the culture cannot be passed on, the Lucky Toad will be on the verge of extinction. Just like ecological conservation saved the Taiwanese Shihu, we should also save the Lucky Toad in terms of cultural continuation! The creative team "Xiao Creative" from Taiwan uses design to transform the traditional lucky toad into a lucky "Jaji" that makes people smile. With a new appearance full of design sense, the traditional culture continues in the new era.

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– Lucky Toad Lucky Toad Lucky Toad Jiu Shi Qing Gu

– L5 x W4.5 x H3.8 cm

– weight 180 grams

– tin alloy

– Electroplating Qinggu

– Hairline surface

– hand-drawn metal production

– can bite 10 yuan coins, 50 yuan coins and small three yuan energy coins

– comes with a wooden box

- Designed and manufactured in Taiwan

– Lucky Toad