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Teno speaker lava black


Lumio Bluetooth Speaker Teno Lava Black is a detailed and exquisite Bluetooth speaker with a unique slit design, shaped like a delicate porcelain bowl sculpture. Intuitive touch to adjust volume and brightness. The unprecedented forward-looking innovative design made Teno a world-class design award: in just one year, it won the 2022 Red Dot Award for Best Design and Best Innovation, the Australian Good Design Gold Award, the Canton City Creative Bronze Lion Award and other awards; and was hailed as a "miracle" by Forbes and one of the best inventions of 2022 by Time Magazine.

Founder Max's inspiration for designing Teno came in large part from being inspired by the traditional craftsmanship "Kintsugi" while traveling in Japan. "Kintsugi" is an ancient restoration technique originating from Japan. It mainly uses paint to repair damaged ceramic utensils, and then uses gold powder, gold leaf and other materials to beautify and repair the traces, so that the items not only restore their functions but also become unique artwork. Teno's stone-like exterior surface is made from a mix of sand and resin, giving it a strong and unique matte texture; open it to reveal a warm white light from the cracks, echoing the repair lines of "Kintsugi"'s craftsmanship. Max hopes that Teno can be like a collection at home: it has the characteristics of increasing value over time and will not be easily replaced with time; it has imperfect cracks, but it is as classic and timeless as "Kintsugi".

Teno is equipped with a state-of-the-art Bluetooth 5.0 chip and a 10W Class-D amplifier to deliver the most powerful sound while keeping distortions to an absolute minimum. The sound is finely tuned using the advanced DSP technology which allows for a more balanced and comfortable listening experience for all types of music. All this combined with the highest quality neodymium full-range driver and a custom-made passive radiator, Teno allows for amazing highs, crystal-clear mid ranges, and deep powerful bass.

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- Lumio Teno speaker lava black

- L 13.3 x W 13.3 x H 7.5 cm

- Weight 0.7 kg

- Cast resin and natural sand shell

- High-grade acoustics fabric inner body

- Noise-cancelling microphone for great call clarity

- Crack and merge power switch design

- Adjust volume by finger gestures from side

- Supports Bluetooth 5.0

- True Stereo Pairing available between two Teno

- Full range driver 1 x 4.5” with 1 passive radiator

- 20W Class-D amplifier

- Frequency Range 60-20,000 Hz

– 4000 mAh USB Type-C rechargeable lithium battery

- Battery capacity 5.5 hours of charging / 8 hours of power supply

- 4 brightness levels

- Max brightness 250 lumens

- Color temperature 2700 k warm white light

- 5W

- Includes 1 USB Type-C charging cable

– Designed in the USA Made in China

- 1 year warranty