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Maileg 海灘鼠爸爸是小朋友最喜歡的遊戲時光好夥伴:度假時間到!海灘鼠爸爸戴著他的漁夫帽、泳褲和漂亮的條紋海攤小屋,準備和家人在海邊度過一天。

Maileg is a charming plush doll brand from Denmark. It uses the classic matchbox as the mouse's bed, bringing whimsical storybooks into daily life. The brand pays special attention to materials, workmanship and every detail. Each product is handmade with pure natural cotton, which not only ensures children have fun but also reassures adults.

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– Maileg 海灘鼠爸爸

– height 16 cm

– weight 80 grams

– box length 7.5 x width 6.5 x height 17.5 cm

– thick cardboard

– 100% pure cotton/100% polyester filling

– 可愛刺青造細節

– can be used with beach chair set

– 內附海灘鼠爸爸、海灘小屋與可拆卸漁夫帽 1 入

– has passed international toy safety certifications such as TSD / CPSIA / REACH and GPSD

– Designed in Denmark Made in China