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Stoneware Mug 250 Pink


The Moheim Stoneware Mug 250 Pink is one of the most popular collections: the Stoneware collection is functional, everyday utensils with a minimal design and beautiful shades of gray, with a sandy matte exterior and a glossy glaze interior The matte texture of the surface contrasts with the glossy interior.

Stoneware stoneware is known in Japan as "half porcelain" or "fired stoneware (high temperature unglazed ceramics)", and one of Moheim's most important features is the simple matte texture of the exterior, which is reminiscent of the earthy unglazed ceramics. Ordinary pottery is mostly fired after being glazed, but stoneware does not use glaze on the outside; on the contrary, the glaze used on the inside is shiny, which is in sharp contrast to the texture of the outside, reminiscent of natural soil or stone. Moheim's Stoneware is a dishwasher and microwave safe vessel that, thanks to the glazed interior, cleans after serving coffee or food in the same way as regular earthenware.

Each mug is handcrafted from stone, and each piece is unique in shape, size and color, so enjoy the surprises of handcrafting.

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– Moheim Stoneware Mug 250 Pink

– L8.3 x W8.3 x H7.6 cm

– including handle width 11.2 cm

– weight 190 grams

– Capacity 250ml

- Stone material

– Stoneware

- Designed in Japan hand crafted in Vietnam