Slow Dance Light Pine


Wonder Machines' Slow Dance Light Pine installation art frame is a frame that makes real objects show slow-motion movement and visual persistence. Every object placed on it will be given vitality and dance like an elegant dancer. Slow Dance was originally designed by designer Jeff Liberman for his best friend couples who are both dancers as a wedding gift. The design is inspired by exploring the nature and feelings of two living bodies communicating through dance, and present the vibe through the combination of science, art and design.

Different Modes

Different modes allow you to switch between different dance modes, allowing different dance patterns. Slow Dance and Pop& Lock are slow, smooth and elegant like slow motion; and Double Trouble makes objects look like they are jumping in space!

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- Slow Dance Light Pine

- L 32 x W 5 x H 36 cm

- Weight 1.36 kg

- 2 Feathers

- Wall mounting hook

- Optional feet for stability

- Designed in Cambridge

- Cable length 300 cm

- 2-4 Luminous power

– 12V DC 500mA

- 1 year warranty

Wonder Machines