FLYTE Buda Ball Set Your Mind Free

Flyte Buda Ball gold chrome hovering upon a black base in a white sand background

Repeated successes on Kickstarter the fundraising platform

Buda Ball is the latest product launched by the Swedish brand Flyte this year. Flyte is an innovative brand that was incubated on the famous global fundraising platform Kickstarter in 2015. It focuses on creating inspiring classic products that incorporate art, technology, and minimalist design. With an unquenchable enthusiasm, Flyte created the world’s the first levitating light bulb, and was named one of the “Best Inventions” by Time magazine; it also successively created the world’s first levitating timepiece that records the time and a levitating planter that can grow plants as you like. Flyte's ultimate pursuit of magnetic levitation technology and texture quickly attracted enthusiastic attention on the platform. The annual new product release plan on the fundraising platform has delivered amazing results several times than the original target amount, which is deeply loved by everyone.
Four types of Buda Balls displayed on a desk with sunrise shined in

Design inspired by an experiment held by the Flyte team

Buda Ball was inspired by a simple question from the design team: Will our minds and will be strong enough to change reality? By extending the concept of this question, the Flyte design team decided to design an experimental device to answer it from a scientific point of view, and this set of experimental device Buda Box is the prototype of the Buda Ball. Through the head-mounted brain wave enhancement device, we can observe and record our brain wave activity and use it as the kinetic energy of the floating metal sphere. When we are in a relaxed state, breathing will begin to be regular and prolonged, and brain waves will begin to slow down. The ratio between Alpha and Beta signals and Theta and Delta signals changes. The brain wave signals at different stages of meditation are detected through the exclusive custom algorithm. After these signals are programmed, the Buda Box can be driven up and down, so that the metal sphere responds to our meditation state: the higher the meditation state, the floating Just higher. This experiment not only confirmed the original hypothesis but also gave birth to Flyte's latest product, Buda Ball, during the experiment.
Flyte group surrounded Buda Box meditating

Has the image of Zen and returns to self through the gaze

Buda Ball is designed to allow us to find peace in the busy urban life and stress. It has a Zen image and appearance. It combines art and science with a simple design and stunning magnetic levitation technology. It is levitated by a magnetic force. The levitating ball on the base is composed of a hypnotic float in an invisible magnetic field, like a frozen water droplet standing still in time, creating a soothing and static visual experience: reminding us to stay focused and active in turbulent times right now.
“Breath in. Breath out. Levitate.” – FLYTE
Levitating sphere Buda Ball almost ignores gravitation in appearance. Through Flyte's exclusive technology, it can float on the base vertically or horizontally on the ground. The fast-paced life pattern day after day puts too much pressure on our hearts. The mess of information often makes us feel overwhelmed. By observing its rotation reminds us to breathe deeply and slow down to find inner peace.

Pre-order to enjoy an exclusive early bird discount

Buda Ball is currently available for pre-order at THÉM. Pre-order before 10/21 will receive a 15% discount. Expected shipping time for the pre-order in early November. Flyte has launched a total of four styles. Different bases and floating balls can interact with each other. Alternate matching will not only bring peace to your life but also allow you to create your own style as you like.

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