THE LAMPSTER A Buddy Who Lights Up Your Life

Green Army and red Artsy of The Lampster in a vintage

The most successful LED fundraising project ever

In 2020, we have experienced the turbulence of the COVID-19 epidemic. The sudden changes in our plans have brought great pressure to our lives. During this period, spiritual sustenance or catharsis is particularly important. Let the sense of style and attitude the all-in-one figure lamp The Lamspter lights up your world and heals your life! The Lampster is a new brand from Romania in Eastern Europe. The Lampster raised funds on the famous global fundraising platform Kickstarter in December 2015. It caused a sensation and swept the world soon after its release. It not only won the Kickstarter Staff Pick award but also created the highest fundraising in LED lighting history on Kickstarter! Since then, The Lampster has started a new chapter. Over the years, it has continuously overcome new challenges, achieved higher achievements, and continues to bring light and hope to the world!
The Lampster red Artsy on desk with a man and a Mac beside in a white room

Back up your daily life like a superhero

The story of The Lampster began in 2011 when the idea of ​​using a vintage motorcycle or tractor headlights as lamps began to emerge. Starting from a small garage, brand co-creators Radu and Andrew modified the bulbs by placing the bulbs in different enclosures and retaining their original features. The first light material they used was extracted from the two headlights of the old tractor abandoned from their yard! At first, it was only used as a ceiling headlight, starting from the simplest incandescent lamp, as the process gradually extended to a new concept: to create a very character, superhero-like appearance, and retro car headlights equipped with trendy intelligence functions Lamps, the whole plan officially took shape and direction. After designing the body, the overall appearance began to look like a small robot. The body material was made of recycled plastic polyethylene, which perfectly matched the size of the retro metal headlights. Three series were created: distressed and rusted Army, the artistic Artsy, and the minimalist Color series, these styles define The Lampster today.
The Lampster red Artsy and Green Army on a vintage car warehouse

Adjust the light color as you like to create a unique atmosphere

The Lampster is designed to be used as a desk lamp or ambient light. It has a height of 46 cm. The body has a superhero posture, is ergonomic, and is in perfect balance. It can stand stably no matter how the head is rotated; Made of aluminum, it has the characteristics of not rusting. Each figure lamp is hand-painted with a brush and airbrush. Anyone can choose the series and color that suits them as they like. You can even customize your logo or letter to add personal style to it!
“A lamp with attitude, the coolest lamp ever, the most powerful desk lamp.” – THE LAMPSTER

The uniquely designed head of The Lampster is made of old tractor headlights. It can be rotated in any position, providing 360° rotation and 110° vertical elevation angle adjustment. It is perfect for reading, situational lights, or just general lighting. The head is equipped with LED and RGB light sources, which can be activated independently or at the same time. There is a touch button on the head to facilitate switching and adjusting the light intensity of the LED; and through the exclusive App, the RGB color adjustment feature can be set according to our personal needs. Your environment offers almost unlimited possible color combinations!

The Lampster Red Army with red RGB light

Coming to Taiwan soon as exclusive distribution

The Lampster will be exclusively distributed by THÉM to Taiwan shortly! Welcome friends who look forward to the arrival of The Lampster like us to subscribe to our newsletter, and continue to pay attention to the latest news we provide on the official website and fan page. We will provide more relevant information before releasing The Lampster!

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